Q. What kind of wood is the best to make wooden blinds?
A. Cedar or Basswood.

Q. Why the quality of some imported wooden blinds are so low?
A. Because of fierce competition, some importers may try to lower the cost by cutting corners. Wise consumer should do more comparisons before they buy.

Q. What are the common and easier ways to cut corners?
A. By making the slats thinner or by replacing good materials with inferior materials, for instance, replacing metal and solid wood components with plastic ones or replacing good solid wood with bad wood , MDF or composites.

Q. Can wooden blind be used in wet areas?

A. Yes, but not for the window which is exposed to direct splash repeatedly.

Q. What is the easiest way to clean venetian blinds?
A. Use duster.

Q. Why ECO(PVC) venetians are more likely to be deformed under the sun?
A. Because the self weight of the slats, it will be bent by gravity under the strong sun. The heavier they are, the more deformations they will get.

Q. What kind of blinds are the best in insulation?
A. Honeycomb blind with complete block out fabrics, wooden blinds and roller blinds with reflective fabrics.

Q. What will the future blinds look like?
A. Chainless, cordless and energy saving.